Our Babes Are Our Roots

Pink & Flare is an Italian online store based in Milan, shipping worldwide to over 80 countries. The business was started by Marisa in 2016 in the office of her small 2-bedroom apartment, while studying fashion in Milan and was initially intended as a hobby to occupy herself outside of her job as a designer. Marisa's work ethic instilled during her firm days (still working 7 days a week and often 18 hours a day!), desire for perfection and passion for ensuring excellent customer service, meant that Marisa had to quickly upgrade her home office space and staffing resources to cope with the demand from both new and loyal customers. Lately Moving to an office space in Milano, and a warehouse in Miami US and Shanghai China, where our manufacturers are located. 

Marisa continues to be heavily involved in all facets of the business on a daily basis, and has an incredible and supportive team of staff to help take the business to the next level. This personal involvement in the business means that Marisa cares intensely about the customer service experience - we offer wearable and affordable styles, but we are not about uploading a huge number of styles each week simply for the sake of having volume. We carefully select an edit of wearable, quality pieces that can complement and add to our customers' own wardrobe each week. 

We want our photoshoots to inspire our customers and followers, which is why we put so much effort into our monthly photoshoots to ensure our branding is on-point! We carefully shoot each style as if it's our own brand - affordability is at the forefront of Marisa's mind, and so too is a beautiful, fashion-forward aesthetic without compromising on fit or quality. We're super excited about the next chapter of our business and where we are taking it next, but most of all we're passionate about delivering beautiful, wearable styles to our much-loved customers and followers, worldwide!